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  1. I do like seeing that they have some idea that they REALLY screwed up, I am a little worried they haven't addressed the concerns with landscape and presentation mode that I use every day as a teacher. My lessons will be forever lost if they don't make those fixes.
  2. I use the app for teaching and have lost all of the lessons I've made in landscape, please fix!
  3. I've been monitoring the replies for a few days now and I haven't seen any replies to the people like me who write in landscape. My old notes are all sideways. Is this a fix on the way?
  4. Same issue, I've used penultimate as a presentation tool and all of my saved presentations are ruined
  5. I use penultimate for teaching streaming my ipad through an apple tv and have been for 3 years. The new update made my hundereds of saved lessons completely worthless. The new scrolling and lack of pages is terrible, the full screen is slower to use than the old screen, and the orientation of ALL of my lesson is now wrong and wont display correctly. Thanks for nothing! Hours upon hours of work made now worthless...i can only hope a new update is coming or at least allow us to download the old version. I've been recommending Penultimate for years and will be looking for a new app starting Monday. Not sure who did the beta testing but they should be fired immediately.
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