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  1. In this case it's not a problem with th syncing per-se; it syncs to the web and notes get synced back, only the OCR metadata will not get back. Might be an idea to open a new topic for your problems Cintra ?
  2. I've added a couple of unindexed 1 or 2 page (unencrypted) PDF's to the Mac Evernote client(v5.7.2) on OSX 10.9(I'm a premium member). Today I tried to search for a word that was definately there in text, but got back no results. In inspection of the notes with the PDF's attached, it stated: "Synchronised 5 minutes ago" and "1 PDF is not indexed". I then checked with the web-version (the new beta) of the client and it found all PDF's with the word searched for, so Evernote had the PDF's indexed allright. Searching for the text with the iPad version and the android version also return the correct results. Forcing syncs, closing all evernote apps and starting them again don't change this. What can I do to search for text in the desktop client succesfully and get the PDF's indexed locally too ?
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