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  1. I hv been trying UPAD ever since the new version of penultimate ruined it.... So far it s the best free app. - handwritting as smooth as u write on ur paper. - palm rejection - zoom screen match ur speed - pages to pages - can mix ur own ink color - hv pen & higlighter - good for sketch & writting But too bad can only push as pics (for free version) to evernote dropbox, and only up to 5 notepad You cant pay for full version as i think they go bankcrupt So far it work just find f me, as long as you keep push it to evernote/dropbox
  2. Been trying most of that free apps for notes writing, so far I like UPAD, love how it response to my stylus. It s almost similar to my handwriting Thou last version of penultimate was much better, this UPAD ll do. But too bad, the lite version can only hold up to 5 pads & no PDFs. And u can't buy full version coz seems like the company was out of service. Again I suggest, Evernote to look into this app & develop it
  3. I used bamboo too, but best f sketches not writing ur notes, it s a bit poor. But much better than penultimate now. Remind us f the good old fashion book that we use to love f choosing penultimate I hv tried UPAD, it s a good app, lots of paper option, handrest... Writing just like u r in paper. But too bad the developer is out of service now. The lite version cant export to PDF but u can save it in the evernote. So far good enough. Too bad cant do much Perhaps PENULTIMATE CAN JUST BUY & DEVELOP MORE on this app
  4. I just download UPAD of Pockey Soft, so far it s quite good. Been trying to replace penultimate for the NO RESPONSE fr Evernote. Soon I ll delete it.
  5. Agree to all of you. I really need the OLD VERSION BACK, as i need by notes back. It s hard f me to believe the digital paperless notes, now it s really a spoiler. THE WORST UPGRADED APPS EVER... Pls do somthin
  6. Pls bring back the old version ASAP. use to love this apps coz it response my bamboo stylus better than the bamboo app in ipad. The update hv poor response to it now. My handwriting is a mess Now I hate it. Can't easily found my notes MUST scroll all the way with TWO fingers vertically... Pen is so big. Hard to read My work is a mess. At least BRING BACK THE OLD VERSION PLS While u guys fix it. Otherwise, I hv to search f others.
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