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  1. You just have to laugh at the way a company like Evernote disregards their customers and makes an update which ruins their product but instead of saying yeah it's a disaster and revert it back to the original version they do an update that doesn't solve the main issues. Do yourselves a favour and get a new product. I know not easy or affordable for all but I bought a surface pro 3 over this whole debacle and it kills penultimate current, previous and version prior to that. We I say it kills it, it's not correct it abliterates it. The adonit pen feels like a chisel and stone compared with the surface pen and there is zero lag. And the best part no idiotic updates anywhere in site. See you Evernote, this should become a case study in business school for how not to perform an app update and customer service. Pathetic
  2. I just read above that I can only make 2 more posts.... Holy ***** I would reduce that down if I was Evernote as this update is killing your company. What an idiotic move... The old app worked, perhaps a facelift, I.e. New colours and leave it at that. What they managed to do was grab the app shove it up their asses and then ***** it back out as a steaming pile of *****.
  3. Never seen anything quite like this. The most obnoxious piece of ***** move ever from a company. Just roll back to the old app and apologise to not lose every customer.
  4. The worst update in living history. DO NOT UPDATE!!!!!!! To late for me, what were they thinking. All the reasons for the app are now gone.
  5. What are you thinking... This is the worst update of anything that I have ever seen in my life. Now trying to work out how to restore the old version so I can get my notes back before I leave for another app or system all together. Absolutely pathetic...I am staggered with how bad it is. Did anyone test it first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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