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  1. Bjorn, I just wanted to check to make sure your stylus is connected. In the writing view when the menu is expanded, the stylus icon should be highlighted blue. When you tap it you can reconnect if it gets connected for some reason. Additionally, changing your wrist position often improves the stylus accuracy. Try that and let us know if you have any luck. joshua - my stylus crapped out about 6 months after I purchased it. I had to restart bluetooth on it every few minutes. I gave up and went to a $10.00 stylus. Worked great. That is, until now.
  2. To everyone on this forum: You can get the old version back - follow these instructions exactly, but be sure to turn off all automatic update to apps and automatic downloads to apps in your settings first. Otherwise you will have the same problem: How do I downgrade an iPhone app to a previous version? So you were tired of those home screen badge numbers showing up on the App Store icon and you updated your iPhone apps on the go. Now whenever you use one of these updated apps it doesn't work properly or you don't like the so-called improvements made by the developer. How can you downgrade to the previous version? 1. Delete the app from your iPhone. 2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes. 3. Do not update your apps in iTunes. Back up and sync your iPhone using iTunes. 4. When the sync is complete, click your iPhone in the left iTunes menu under DEVICES. Click the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window. Find the app you wish to downgrade under Sync Apps. 5. Make sure the box is checked next to the app you wish to downgrade. Click the Apply button. 6. The old version of the application will be copied from your computer to the iPhone. If you have already updated the application on your computer, or synced your iPhone before deleting the new version of the app you must follow this step first. Open the trash can or recycling bin and look for the older app version (this file will end with the suffix .ipa). http://www.iphonefaq.org/archives/971543
  3. I did it. It worked. You have to follow the steps exactly. HOWEVER, make certain you have turned off the "automatically install new apps" and turn off "automatically install app updates" in your settings. Otherwise, you will have the same damn problem to deal with again.
  4. I agree with ALL the negative comments here. My titles don't show up. I can't zoom. I couldn't figure out how to navigate until I came to this forum and saw the comment about the two finger scroll. And then, the two finger scroll often creates lines on the page I have to erase. Long notes are impossible to navigate and frankly, I liked being able to see the list of pages and cutting and pasting them or eliminating them completely from a long note. Or switching them between notebooks or copying them across notebooks. This just sucks. While the colors are pretty, the rest of it lacks any intuitive ability to function. Then the help function: All the instructions are based on the 5.X version. What's up with that? I spent several hours yesterday just trying to find my previous pages. Finally, I went into Evernote, and had to navigate in there to read them. NOT HAPPY AT ALL. Give me back the previous version. I already gave up on the stylus when it's bluetooth started glitching and the stylus itself started jumping around. I will give up on this app completely if I cannot get back to the previously more than fully functional, beautifully intuitive interface we had before. this is nuts!
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