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  1. I have switched to Noteshelf. But I have been keeping my eye on the updates here in case things get fixed. I like the new tray and ability to add pages throughout, but I would still like to: Be able to switch pages around Export any number of pages as a PDF - this is critical. If I can't have this I will never be able to use Penultimate Thanks for the one update. Keep going.
  2. How did you export as a PDF? I have been trying to convert to Noteshelf this morning and can't figure out how to get my notes to export in a format that works. Also, do you see how to export separate pages of the notes? For my work, I routinely export individual pages as PDFs that are contained in my notes.
  3. I have been reading how to go back to the old version by syncing with iTunes on my computer. But I had never synced my iPad to my iMac before. Does anyone know if it still works even if I've never synced before the update? I don't see Penultimate listed on my computer so I don't think version 5 is there, but maybe it doesn't show until I delete and proceed? I am nervous to try it.
  4. I use Penultimate for work and have a lot of work to do this weekend. I am stopped in my tracks with this new update. Without thumbnail view I can't quickly move between my pages as I need to do. I don't see how to move pages around in the note. I don't see how to move pages into other notes. And the worst thing is that when I decided I would just go with it until this was all fixed, I can't write notes any longer! When I write it isn't showing up correctly. I can't read what I have written. Stuff has disappeared. I now have to completely change my work methods until this is corrected. But will it be changed back? How long do I wait around for something like this? Has anyone found another app that is a good replacement? I had told everyone I know to switch to Penultimate and now I am calling them all to tell them not to update. I even bought my daughter and iPad JUST so she could use this app to take notes at college!
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