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  1. Based on this response after 4 days I can pretty much guarantee that they will not be going back to Penultimate 5. I voted with me feet this morning and bought Goodnotes. And after a day I am already glad I made the switch. Penultimate had some good features that I missed, but in looking for a new note app over the last few days I realized it was lacking in many ways too. Like auto shapes, PDF annotation and others. So good by Evernote and good luck to the rest of you.
  2. I would also like to hear what people are switching too. I have looked at a half dozen alternatives but none that give me what Penultimate 5 did. The closest I have found is Inkflow Plus for $7.99. Now would be a great time for Microsoft to put a handwriting app fir OneNote on the App Store. Best hope is that Evernote gives us he old version back. But they haven't said a word on their own board in almost 2 days.
  3. Like many other I just created an account to post here. I have been waiting prairie toy for some response or acknowledgement from Evernote that they are working on the issues identified. But it seems like they are just ignoring it. I replaced pen and paper with Penultimate a few months ago, and have been promoting it to co-workers ever since. The app is now unusable, and I have been following the discussion here, App Store comments and even Twitter waiting for some solution. After 652 reviews and a 1.5 star rating you would think there would be a response. I am very disappointed at the lack of communication. Now I am looking at paying $7.99 for Inkflow Plus, but I would pay much more to get Penultimate 5 back. Evernote please fix this. Or if you are not, tell us so we can all move on.
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