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  1. I can no longer use this app. Does anyone have a list of alternatives? So far I have found Moleskin and Notes Plus. I am a roof inspector and mainly use this app to annotate aerial pictures of buildings. I tried using this new version and had to revert to graph paper. I guess maybe this would be a great app for note taking? Hate to break the news, but but everyone else using this app for different purposes and having tweaked their techniques to fit the original pen ultimate design are forced to start from scratch and look elsewhere. I'm sorry Penultimate but your logic is flawed on the Physical Notebook Metaphor. Having separate pieces of paper, in separate notebooks IS THE LOGICAL way that the majority of people, throughout the world, for thousands of years have taken notes. Its not going to change any time soon and Penultimate has made a terrible mistake trying to force their users to accept their alternate reality. My advice. Give us back the old app and re-name and re-market this 6.0 version as something else. If anyone reading this review has any app alternative suggestions, it would be much appreciated. I need to import pictures from my camera role, into a page, which i can add comments via a pen, and export into a pdf which mimics 11.5 x 8.5 paper.
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