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  1. Clearly, enough has been written about the disaster that happened. I am appalled that despite the outcry, there has been no response from the developers. NONE. As someone who spent his saturday printing and salvaging whatever notes i could, i feel badly for the hundreds of educators, classrooms, collaboraters, and note-takers who have been affected. Penultimate used to be in my ipad's DOCK. Now it's deleted. Given their silence, there is NO WAY i am going to back-hack or restore previous version, nor wait around for the company to fix (better yet, throw out) version 6. I only hope that everyone responsible for this disaster learns something from it. I WILL take my frustration out on evernote, because they are the company ultimately responsible for this disaster. Premium membership? no thanks. I am already looking to replace that app, too. After doing some research, i am finding that both Noteshelf and GoodNotes are acceptable alternatives - and they work NOW, when I need to work... And SHAME on the apple store for declaring this mess a 'best new app" ???!!!
  2. What are you so pleased about!?!? This update is HORRIBLE. I wish I had read the reviews, because this version is SO BAD That I can no longer read or manage my notes. For starters, evrery note is SIDEWAYS. rotating device doesn't help, it just turns sideways again. And every noteBOOK is now an ungodly scrolling mess. PAGES ARE IMPORTANT. I now have several months of notes I CANNOT USE. THIS UPDATE HAS KILLED ANY DESIRE TO USE EVERNOTE PRODUCTS. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO BURNED BY AN APP. So enjoy your self-pleasure while it lasts.
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