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  1. I am now crying. I've spent ALL DAY trying desperately to get back what I have lost... I am SO MAD !!! I can't even upload my notebooks to Evernote so that I can, then, delete the app.
  2. Any ideas on where I can find that older version of the app? My previous syncs and previous versions have litterally disappeared. Your help would be appreciated.
  3. Have been trying to do this for over an hour... Penultimate no longer even shows up in my Purchased Apps menu!! Do you think they caught on and are purposefully making us re-purchase their crappy app??
  4. I LOVED the old version of Penutlimate. I HATE this new version! I'm sorry to be so negative, but I truly think you ruined the best e-notebook out there! Not only that, all of my notebooks I created in the previous version are RUINED! I cannot read my handwriting anymore and they are no longer books but "continuous scrolls" which is NOT effective. Please, Evernote, bring back the previous version!!! Also, I cannot sync my old notebooks with my on-line Evernote account anymore. (I'm trying to do this so that I can save my notebooks before I delete the Penultimate app and switch to a different notebook app. That's how much I am frustrated with this whole thing!!) Grrr.....
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