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  1. This version is literally unusable. I don't know whether this is due to me using it as a left-handed writer, or just simply the app's bugs, but anyway... I am currently using Penultimate 6 with an iPad Air and Adonit Jot Script. And yes, the stylus is synced with a new battery. I am finding the interface generally a little sluggish compared to the last version, ink thickness has a ridiculous jump between 1 & 2, making my previous notes almost unreadable due to my handwriting style featuring small counters. However, it is the writing experience which has really got to me. As a left handed member, I selected the left-handed option in the stylus settings. However, when using the new zoom options, the palm rejection fails to stop my palm activating the play/pause button and the next line button making it an unusable feature. Alongside this, if I try to use the auto-scroll, the speed is ridiculously fast and completely fails to accommodate for my speed of writing - leaving me way, way behind. I also find the zoom feature to jump at a completely different place on the wider page when trying to dot my 'i's. As you can imagine, this makes it take 4 times as long to finish a darn sentence, which is simply not practical, even if I try to persist and adjust to the new changes. I'm not particularly fond of all the changes, but I'm sure I could live with them if I could actually write using the app. Please, please, please Evernote - sort this. The old version wasn't perfect, but it was a much better and usable foundation stone than this. I used to enjoy writing in the old version, it is almost impossible in the new version.
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