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  1. I have to share my immense frustration here and agree with all the posts I read so far!!! THIS NEW VERSION IS SIMPLY USELESS. Just a few days ago I showed the old version to colleagues who were enthousiastic about it - shame on me if they now see version 6! I have many notes, many books and it is simply no longer manageable. There are a few new nice features in 6 but far from compensating the basic simple and intuitive features that are now gone. I give Evernote a few days to bring back the old version. Meanwhile I'll get back to paper. Otherwise I'll find a new App. PS: I read the suggestion that if we have a backup on the computer we can delete the new version on the tablet, unselect the auto update option and sync. But doing so I guess I'll loose all my data?! Just frustrating...but at least I'm not alone...!
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