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  1. I just got an email, can you let me know the name of that app that ... I had to tell them it is gone.
  2. As someone mentioned in the other thread please release the old version as "penultimate classic". Unfortunately I did not back up with iTunes and have installed 4 different note taking apps so far to see if I can find anything close. I like the writing in bamboo paper, but no searchable notes. Please help it is totally unfair that we weren't at least warned to back up before this downgrade.
  3. Please, please, please put the old version back or release it under another name. I had to go back to pen and paper. This new version is just like the other apps out there but with worse recognition. The old version was near perfect, a logical transition from paper notebooks. If you wanted to improve it, you could have added the ability to manipulate scrolling speed, and zoom. Simple, perfect.
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