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  1. Ok I found a way to restore the previous version of Penultimate EVEN if you have not backed up to iTunes in the past. This won't work for everyone, but is at least another option. What you need is An iPad or iPad mini that is not on iOS 8 (iOS 7 preferably)Logged into your iTunes account. On the iPad running on iOS 7, download Penultimate You will be prompted to install the previous version (Penultimate 6.0 only works on iOS 8) - Say OK Download it, and then sync this iPad to your computer On your current iPad, delete Penultimate 6.0 Plug it into your computer, and then go to Apps on iPad, find the old version, and install! It is basically the same steps everyone has been suggesting, but with the caveat that you can still install the old version on an iOS 7 device, and then get it working from there. So if you have a friend, wife, or just have an old iPad around, sign into your iTunes account and you will be golden!
  2. I agree - the MAIN reason I have ditched paper entirely at work and pretty much everywhere else is because of the intuitiveness of the drift function. I have the Jot Script, and I actually thought mine was broken because of the up-responsiveness of it to the app. I tried out Bamboo Paper with the Jot Script, and it works perfectly... Since the update, I pretty much have abandon using Penultimate altogether because there is no way to be anywhere near as efficient in meetings and my usual notes... Love the layout, but PLEASE bring back the drift, and please make this part of my daily life again!
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