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  1. I have no idea when they did implement that feature but as you say it works perfectly. The early version of the overhaul of Penultimate were really really bad, now it's almost back to normal, barring a few annoying bugs and the Jotscript stylus which never worked for me.
  2. It took me a while to figure it out but it's easier than you think. Once your notes have been uploaded into Evernote from Penultimate, move your notes to a specific notebook on Evernote and the move will be reflected in Penultimate automatically. This is extra simple and can be done on another device like a Mac or PC. Fortunately, after almost one year of messing around with that app, penultimate is back and is once more my favourite app (I keep all my notes in there, it has replaced my old Moleskine)
  3. Unless you have an auto save feature enabled (I haven't found one) losing notes defeats the object of the very app. It's a shame it really really was a beautiful app. Now I find that Goodnotes is doing a much better job even though, understandably, Evernote integrate isn't as good as with Penultimate. Thanks for your tip anyway Cheers
  4. Not the first time it happens. A very important note was lost today, I'm really cheesed off, I needed that to write up a business proposal, now my notes are gone! First Penultimate exported to Evernote 1 page (3/3) out of 3 Second I refreshed the file and reexported. I got 2 out of 3 (1 and 3) I tried a PDF export and not much success (it hung and then nothing). Then I tried again and the app crashed. Next thing I knew the note had been deleted by Penultimate. I tried to locate the TRASH folder and there is none. All in all, I managed to retrieve 1 and 3 and the hell with page 2. So much for the promise of Evernote, it's a real shame and mess. The Penultimate app was the most beautiful and best app in the world ever! that was before that silly overhaul last year. Really really cheesed off.
  5. After a while I gave up. Moved all my new stuff to Good Notes. A shame I really loved my old penultimate. Why don't you listen to your users? Nor even bother to respond by the way...
  6. didn't work for me either. As I hadn't used iTunes at all on that iPad. Fortunately it didn't lose my notes. I found them after syncing. Phew! that was a close shave.
  7. Seems fair, but I'm still having major issues with the new version and namely notes which are unreadable and unshareable. A bit of a bummer and a great disappointment. Why don't you offer users to choose between the old and the new version. The old version suited me perfectly I don't want your new features and they don't work anyway. And the zoom thing is just horrendous. Not to mention legibility and issues with Evernote link when notes lose one or several pages.
  8. I am a Penultimate fiend and expert user. I have more than 150 notes on my iPad and in Evernote. I upgraded today and I wish I hadn't. The app is utterly unusable and some of the great features that used to make Penultimate so great are gone: two finger zoom is not working, and panning is dysfunctional. I am very unhappy, I hope you will fix this soon. I also used the Evernote Jot Script and it worked beautifully until I upgraded now it doesn't. Very disappointing.
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