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  1. Evernote Penultimate update, well done Evernote you succeeded in losing hundreds of customers with one update. Like many others with physical impairments, being able to use Penultimate in it's previous format was an absolute boon. Now, in its current format it's absolutely useless. I don't need to list all the problems because I can see that many, many former users have done it for me, and they are just the ones who had time to find the forum. Come on Evernote show that you're not just a faceless company, listen to what your customers actually want and restore what was once a fantastic app, one that played a large part in assistive technology. Obviously if you want to keep the pretty stuff, that's fine change the colour of the notebooks but we need pages we can turn, and we need to be able to write on those pages IN ZOOM with our fingers because many of us cannot hold a stylus or pen.
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