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  1. I know many people have already expressed the same thoughts I am about to state, but I just feel so let down by this upgrade that I feel I must restate them. I have used Penultimate for nearly 3 years. It has completely changed the way I work. I stopped using paper and completely moved all of my meeting note taking to Penultimate. It was brilliant. The addition of the Evernote integration and handwriting search only made things better. I have told numerous colleague about how great this app is. Immediately after auto upgrading to version 6 I nearly screwed up an interview I was conducting because I could not use the app any more to take notes. I have spend 3 days trying work with it. I tried completely ignoring the zoom feature because I found it unusable. I loved the zoom and drift feature of version 5. I was due to attend a conference this week and needed to be able to take notes effectively, so I paid £5 to download Noteshelf, based on comments in this forum, and it is great. I can still back up my notes to Evernote easily. The writing feels fluid and easy. The zoom feature is not great, but I find that I am easily able to write effectively without using it and my handwriting is perfectly legible. In version 6 even without using zoom, the writing experience was just awful. Noteshelf reminds me of what Penultimate used to be. I would just like to illustrate that I was a completely happy and content Penultimate and Evernote customer who wouldn't have thought about looking at an alternative, who has now been forced to pay to buy an alternative app that does the same job that Penultimate used to do. It is such a shame and a complete waste of many hours of time over the last week. Evernote. Seriously - just make version 5 available again and rethink what you were trying to do with versions 6. It didn't work.
  2. I would also like to add my voice to those despairing at this new update. I have used Evernote daily for several years and it has been brilliant. This version is sadly not. In addition to all the points raised above (lack of ability to write easily anywhere on screen, poor drift function, poor writing quality, lack of pages and thumbnail scrolling), I would lik to add that the removal of the automatic naming of notes with my location and calendar entry is a big issue for me. This was a fantastic feature that allowed me to easily see when and where I had written my notes. I now have to go back to individually writing a title for each one. Big step back. I really cannot see the logic in removing the page turning feature. Just seems crazy. I really don't want to move away from Penultimate as it has been a great app, but if you can't sort these things out and get back to a usable product, then I also will have to look at alternatives. A real shame.
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