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  1. From being a passionate supporter of Evernote and all that it recommended, including Penultimate, I have quickly lost my enthusiasm for the way Evernote conducts its business, and particularly through the huge silence that engulfs their lack of response to these comments. With Penultimate I have been so disappointed with the most recent upgrade, but I have regularly come back to try it out, with ever growing frustration. This most recent problem of Penultimate crashing and loosing content has been the last straw. In searching for an option to Penultimate I have been very impressed with Notes Plus. While it does not work seamlessly with Evernote - the notes have to be sent to Evernote as PDF files - I have found the ease and quality of writing and note taking to be vastly superior to Penultimate. And having made the decision to assign Penultimate to the trash I have gained a new appreciation for Evernote on its own. Maybe Evernote could achieve that same positive feeling if they put Penultimate in the trash!
  2. Received my new Jot Script earlier this week, based on the recommendation of Evernote and Penultimate. My early feedback: The Jot Script does not register many pen strokes, leaving unintelligible writing in one out of five words. The Jot Script turns off too early for me, and is unable to keep up with my very average writing speed. Combining the slow recognition of the Jot Script with the overly fast pace of the Zoom box in Penultimate is not a working option. While I remain one of the Penultimate users still frustrated with the Version 6.0 upgrade, I was able to work with my Jot Pro on the most recent upgrade. Moving to the Jot Script presents an inferior option.I have looked through the Adonit website and read through various forums for some indication of how to make the Jot Script work better, but to no avail.The whole experience of moving from the old version of Penultimate (Version 5) with the Jot Pro to the updated version of Penultimate and the Jot Script has been very disappointing. While this exercise has introduced me to some of the best support and most professional responses (from both Adonit and Evernote) that I have ever encountered, I have become an unhappy customer.The end result is that while I remain a user of Evernote (with a Premium account) I now use Evernote less and less. My use of Penultimate and the Adonit products is probably 10% of what it was prior to the new look Penultimate. All this leads to a rather obvious options to either look for alternative software or to step back from the whole Evernote experience and hope that the matters are solved. Maybe I am just expressing a frustration with not being able to adjust to new products, but I am now sitting outside on a beautiful afternoon writing about matters that should not be distracting me from enjoying the peaceful ambience. I wish Evernote and Adonit all the best.
  3. Great idea! Bring on Penultimate Classic. One point I notice from reading through the comments is how many people have registered to make strong observations about the upgrade. Look at the number of people, like me, with one and two posts.
  4. Clearly there are many passionate users and advocates of Penultimate, and I would include myself as one of them. Having said that I am in total agreement with the comments that is a poorly thought out upgrade. My issues have been raised before but need to be repeated.Many of my notes were written in landscape and I am now unable to read them effectively. How can we rotate them? It is difficult to organise the notes without the thumbview. How do we now move and insert pages? Has this feature been removed? The speed at which the app believes we can write is unrealistic and impractical. The older version appeared to be working just fine. There are too many buttons at the top of the screen. The simple access to the undo option was appreciated in the earlier version. Now we have a two step undo procedure that has complicated the process.Overall I am disappointed that you have made my work files so difficult to access. During a period of particularly pressing work you have managed to negatively impact on my working life. In the past the pleasure of working with Penultimate and Evernote was that they made my work life easier. The fact that I have spent an afternoon seeking solutions and giving you feedback does frustrate me immensely and reflects poorly on your product. I wish you the best in trying to rectify the problems and will take a passing interest in how you resolve them. However, my priority now is to find a solution or a product to replace Penultimate. PS Thank you to Joshua Taylor for responding so professional and promptly to so many aggravated users. He has maintained an upbeat manner which I have appreciated. I am sure that he will be getting a little tired soon.
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