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  1. first uncheck auto update in your iPad settings. Then check on your iTunes you still have the older version of penultimate. Then delete the new penultimate on your iPad. Then dock with iTunes and select to reload, the old penultimate app onto your iPad. Your old notebooks from before are there and you can continue to use the old version of Penultimate until they work all hours to fix up the new one or simple jettison the upgrade....
  2. you can change back to the earlier version see be quick though - before you next sync
  3. NO NO NO - what has happened to drift!! Just let me go back to the previous version. What do you think you are doing! and then automatically updating. Unless drift comes back and all the other simple simple features - the very thing that makes it appealing to use - I will be moving to another notetaker as of today. I am so angry!! How can you feel you need to upgrade. Furthermore I'll be cancelling my evernote account. I'm going to the app store now to switch - any recommendations anyone... You guys have really made a mistake here. The appealing thing about Penultimate is it is SO simple and clean and the drift at the sped that you write seemed so unique.... off to the app store - or is it possible to go back to the earlier version? OK OK You can get the earlier version back - go here you guys better get the version updated pretty FAST or you are going to lose SO many customers you won't believe it!!
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