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  1. Do others mainly use Word for typing notes into Evernote, or am I alone? Due to the frustration with lag, I type all my notes into Word and then just save the Word doc into Evernote. Evernote can search within the doc which is useful, and I get all the benefits of a full word processor. I now rarely type directly into Evernote notes, unless they are very short ones.
  2. I also have this problem. I'm using a MBP mid-2010 with 8GB of ram. Probably 50% of the time Evernote has no lag when I'm typing in a note, but the other 50% of the time there is an annoying lag. It goes away if I reboot or restart Evernote. There doesn't appear to be a difference between short and long notes. My memory pressure is green in Activity Monitor, with about 7.5GB of 8GB used. I would have assumed it was lack of memory, except that when I restart Evernote the problem goes away. 6.0.6 has not fixed this problem for me.
  3. Hi guys If I export as a Pages 09 document, I'm able to search within it using Evernote. Great! Unfortunately when I open the document, Pages won't let me edit it without upgrading the document, and if I upgrade I can't search again. Is there any way around this? I really want to be able to search within Pages documents, because Pages is so much nicer to use than Word!
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