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  1. Hoping that Evernote realizes what a mess this is and reverts back to the last version. In the meantime, I've been exploring and Noteshelf is pretty great. Smooth writing, backs up to Evernote so I can search notes there, and I can import PDFs to mark on, too. That may be where I end up. I like my Evernote, but very much dislike this version of Penultimate!
  2. I'm sorry, but unless I'm missing something, I hate this update to Penultimate. I have to 2-finger scroll through my notes now? I no longer have a "thumbnail" view to use? So, on a notebook that I've been treating like a journal type notebook, I now have to SCROLL through 40 or 50 pages to find something, instead of being able to use a thumbnail view to jump to a page? "Pages" are, in fact, gone, since it's one long note now? Also, the response time to the stylus is MUCH slower and glitchier than it was (rendering handwriting much less legible), and the ERASE feature now doesn't fully erase things, and leaves behind fragments of things that should be erased. Awful, awful changes. This used to be like writing in a Notebook, and that's what I loved about it. I'll now be looking for a new app like Moleskin or something, and finding a way to sync that to my Evernote account. What a shame. Who thought these would be good changes? Awful.
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