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  1. yes, but I have a stack already created that I want to add the new notebook to...
  2. Hi all, Is it possible to upon the act of creation, to create the Notebook within a stack? The behavior I am trying to simulate is to create a file within a folder as you can with any OS, rather than having to create the file, and THEN file it subsequently...an extra step and clunky. I have a lot of notebooks, so when i create a notebook, it's time consuming to have to scroll down and find it, right click, and then select "Add to Stack..." I don´t see a way to just go ahead and specify that the notebook should be created within a particular stack upon creation. Am I missing something? Thanks, Erica
  3. Hi, I experience a lot of frustration when i'm using Evernote for the following reason: When I try to rename a note or notebook, unless I remember to hit "Enter" after I type in my text, it doesn't stick. Since Windows doesn't need an "enter" for the new name to work (nor does I think Mac OS, nor Adobe products nor other software I'm using) I'm invariably doing it wrong since my muscle memory is trained from years of doing it another way. Would it be possible to be consistent with the more widely established conventions on this point? Aaaaaargh! A frustrated UX designer.
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