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  1. On what platform are you using it? What version of the software is it? I know about issues running Evernote 6.0 on Mac, just downloaded 6.02 to fix some issues ...
  2. Yes, totally agreed. Work chat is useless in my opinion, because most people have already a work chat system. Please cover the basic functions of the software first before you even think about anything new. Evernote is great, but in the last few month showing a lot of buggy and unstable releases. Moving features in (presentation mode) and moving them out without any announcement ... And I was complaining about Microsoft in the past - less is sometimes more ... And Evernote people, don't get us wrong: We are upset because most of us love the work and the idea of Evernote and depend on it for our daily work. That's the reason we are upset and angry or frustrated at the moment. It is the first time in years that I'm writing posts in a forum system in the middle of the night. Shows you how important Evernote is for us ... Me personally I did not want to go back to a Microsoft product on my Mac (even if it is only OneNote) if I don't need to.
  3. I guess the App Store is somehow not flexible. I personally like it, because I can update all my Macs in one place and did not need to search for a newer versions of all the software packages installed on my computer. But in this case it is not a App Store problem but a buggy software release on Evernote's side ...
  4. Looks like you have a serious quality assurance problem. This 6.0 release is buggy and didn't show notes. This is the basic feature of Evernote: Show my notes, please! There should be a way to download a stable release (5.x) without using my backup to find an old Evernote version to see my notes. I'm on a business trip and didn't have my Time Machine backups with me ... Hope 6.02 will fix that ... Oh and by the way: Would love to get a support Email about major issues (and not showing notes is a major one) - but Evernote is quiet about that. I'm not against product up sell Emails, but would prefer customer support first. Can buy a pen or a pricey bag later ...
  5. Same problem. All notes are visible but notes show nothing. Feels like a pre beta version ...
  6. I did go back to the pre 5.7.2 version of Evernote (5.5.1) to get the multi note presentation mode back. Hope you will fix that with some of the future releases. I have a strategy meeting coming up and had finished all my slides on the "old" (and better) way to use multi note presentation. Had to switch back. Found the old version in the Mac App Store (luckily). Will not upgrade to future version if it is unclear what features disappear ... But on top of that - thanks for the work you all do at Evernote
  7. I agree about the presentation mode. Removing this feature of showing multiple notes in one presentation IS the only useful option for that (at least for me). Now it is useless for me and maybe others too. Removing it without any warning is very bad service. Especially if all the videos showing that feature like it was before. Lost hours of try and error to get it work. Please bring the multinote presentation feature back! I like to have options to structure stuff/notes like I want it - not to have somebody else decide how i have to want it. The idea to use a TOC to structure a presentation with multiple notes is clumsy to say the least. Thanks! Anthony
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