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  1. I agree with both of you guys. My main annoyances/issues with web beta: Like the OP, I am constantly switching between notebooks and scanning for items. Having the list automatically disappear on me after a selection is driving me insane. Suggestion: Have an arrow on the upper/lower portion of the lists that allow you to minimize that sidebar, instead of automatically having the list disappear. While viewing notes, there is so much padding applied that you can still only see a few notes on a high resolution monitor. As with the desktop apps and the old web version, there needs to be a way to select view options (snippet, list, etc.). If we want a list of just note titles, we should have that functionality returned. (maybe I'm just overlooking this in the beta somewhere?) As with David, I pull up notes for reference on probably a 20:1 ratio of creating new notes. Suggestion: Either have the option to select a default view on log in (new note or note/notebook list), or have a notes sidebar open on login as well.With some exceptions, I generally like the overall look of the beta, but it's completely useless to look pretty if half of the quick access functionality is removed. Design is usually crucial, but for a service like Evernote, functionality needs to take more of the lead. I try beta for about 5 minutes every week before I flip out and go back to old layout. In my limited time with Evernote, it seems like they are good at listening to users' feedback, so maybe these options could still be coming in future updates. Just my 2 cents. Take care, Mike
  2. Bless your heart. Yes! I always switch to dark/night mode on apps and sites that allow it. So much easier on my eyes.
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