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  1. Thanks Frank. I was hoping I was missing something. I'm new to evernote so still learning.
  2. I kept trying to find a way to merge notes using iPad with no luck. Looked online and saw some older posts that it is not possible. I'm hoping that's not true or it's in the works. Anyone have some insight. Thanks!
  3. So from my iMac hard drive, I highlighted 6 or 7 pdf files. Right click, then save to evernote. All those pdf files went into my main inbox within evernote which I then save them to a specific notebook. Once I move them from my evernote inbox to a notebook, the message pops up. Thanks.
  4. From my iMac using the desktop app, when I have notes that come into my inbox, I move them to a notebook and then get this popup message: This application's access was revoked via the evernote web service. Please re-enter your password. Any suggestions what to do about this. It pops up most of the time. Thanks!
  5. Question is whether or not you are grandfathered in at the price you started at? I doubt it since there is no contract stating so. So even if you get in now, chances are if the increase happens, it will still affect you. Just my .02
  6. Thanks so much everyone for your help. Yes I can include all contracts in 1 note. So yes I can have a Sales 515 folder and each note is a new file. I don't know how I missed it but the sorting by Oldest to Newest or Newest to Oldest will do the trick since we follow a numbered order when we start a new file. Since we don't jump around in numbers, this should easily follow my filing system. Yes!! looks like you guys have been a big help with your ideas. Thanks! I will implement our new system with our company for 2015 and will report how it goes. Thanks.
  7. I agree that Tags are the best solution except when I search by tags with 515- it still doesn't put them in order by 515-0001, 515-0002, 515-0003. I could do a search for the specific file number and it would come up but I need to be able to scroll in order too.
  8. Great post BurgerNFries. Thanks! Maybe I will give example of my company and how it's used. I have a real estate company. We usually close around 1,000 sales a year. On top of that maybe 500 or so listings. we use a file system to keep things sorted and easy to find for when we receive an audit. For that reason, I need to keep the file numbers sorted in order. Our normal transaction system for the year 2014 will begin like this: 514-0001 all the way to 515-1000 or more. For 2015 it will become 515-0001 and up. For listings it's the same but it begins with the #3. 314-0001 and up. 2 ways I can do this is: 1. Create 1 notebook titled 2014 Sales. within sales, every sale becomes a note. The note is titled 514-0001 on up to the thousand range. This could easily work if I could open the notebook and have all the notes organized in order not by date but by number, 514-0001, 514-0002, on up. or... 2. Create 1000 or so notebooks with business account. Problem is the amount of notebooks staking up. But it is easy to find because the numbering system I mentioned easily is sorted in order with the numbering system. Then the problem lies after 5 years and 7,000 - 10,000 notebooks later. I think I have a solution for that but the response is a little lengthy. Bottom line, I'm just looking for efficiency and organized for Auditors.
  9. Thanks @GrumpyMonkey. I will give that a try.
  10. With my daily usage in Evernote, I need notes to be in order of the header or subject name I get it and not organized by the last edit showing up first. For example, I may have a notebook with 500 notes. Each note is organized by a number. Not this way but simply put, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. So when I open up a notebook it will display in order regardless of when I made an edit. Is there a way to do this? I really hope so. I know in notebooks it can be organized that way but how bout notes? Thanks for the help!
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