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  1. What about projects? I haven't solved it with TSW yet. I *just* started using Evernote and TSW for GTD, but I found a neat thing that I use for projects. Unintuitively, I start by defining all the steps in a project. Once I have a note for each step, I select them all, then click "create Table of Contents note". This generates a note containing a numbered list of all the notes I selected, with links to the notes. Then I select the whole text, click on the numbered list icon to remove it, then click the checkbox icon. Voila, now I have a list of notes with checkmarks for all of them. If I find that I'm missing a step on a project, I just have to create the note for the extra step, right click it, choose "copy note link" and then go to the ToC note and paste it in the appropriate place.
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