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  1. We have definitely considered using Google docs because it is more of a collaborative tool, but the main reason we have not made the switch is because Goolge does not have the notebook layout, and we track individual clients, and this layout is great. I guess I just thought of Evernote as more of a collaborative tool, and not a single user product. Also figured in this fast paced world and with Evernote offices being down the street from Google, it would be as easy as making a request to Evernote, although if I search the forums this question has come up since the beginning of Evernote. Bumme
  2. Thanks. So it sounds like the note lock feature would make it so only one user at a time could access a given note. Unfortunately, we need the opposite effect, all four of us need to be editing the same note at the same time without have syncing errors and losing information. Has no one here ever used Google docs? The document is essentially "live" and can handle changes from multiple users simultaneously, even if they are signed in to the same Google account.
  3. Hi all, Our small team of 4 users all share the same Evernote account and update notes on a daily basis, sometimes adding to the same note simultaneously. Our problem is that when we have multiple people adding to the same note, there is almost always a conflicting change in the note. Why is there not a live updating feature that allows multiple people to be working on the same note, very similar to the way that Google Drive/Docs works and you can see who is editing in real time? Seems like a pretty simple idea, but does google hold a patent on live cloud updating or whatever you want to
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