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  1. Hi I tried the import routine, it only appear to get attach a link - selecting the link opens ON - not really what I wanted I have both Mac and PC so can use either format Thanks for your reply Gary
  2. Hi Like many others I have trawled the web for hours trying to find a solution I have approx 30 sections and 1000 notes in onenote and was hoping to migrate the lot to Evernote I can import "One Single" note and can import "One" pdf and drop it into the import folder - but I cannot find anyway of doing this on mass. I cannot be alone Evernote - I have paid my subscription for 5 years and currently use both, but the new features have wet my appetite to move everything to EN. If its possible can you please let m know - if its not, please say so and I will have a rethink Many thanks Gary
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