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  1. Just in case any Evernote employee or Developer reads this thread. I would pay more for these features if they were implemented correctly
  2. Jordan, Thank you for the response. I use a ASUS laptop with OneNote 2010 and a Wacum Bamboo Connect writing tablet on Windows 8.1. Unfortunatly, Notability does not work on Windows. That is why I was hoping to find these features in Evernote
  3. Hi, I am big into taking digital notes. I have traditionally used Microsoft Onenote along with Dropbox to annotate and sync all my school notes. I am wanting to make the move to Evernote for Windows due to frustration over various technical bugs, but I am finding that it lacks what I need it to do. I am in a professional post-grad program and currently I download all the the different class notes and import them to Onenote. These notes are either Word, powerpoint, or PDF format. Onenote automatically converts the file into a pdf format and places the whole file in view on the note (not a link). From that point I am able to draw over them to annotate, highlight sections, or add text. I would like to be able to do this with Evernote/Skitch. Is there a way to easily be able to import different files, have their contents display in evernote (without converting to a picture format), then be able to annotate over / on them and save back to evernote??? I would also like to be able to add audio notes that correlate to different sections of my notes. For example a professor might be going into a lot of detail over a powerpoint slide and I would just like to have audio that links to that slide. Please help
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