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  1. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately, this did not work for me. :-/
  2. Hello all, I am trying to share a notebook with a collegue. I figured out how to get to the option and I have the window pop up to enter the person's email, the URL of the notebook, the personalized message, and if they can edit or view. However, I simply do not see where to hit "Invite." I have verified my email account. I have done a Google search to find anyone with similar issues... to no avail. I feel like I'm missing something very simple, but at the same time confused as to why the button just isn't *there.* I tried scrolling down or changing the window size, and that did nothing. Attached is a pic of what I saw (with private info changed/covered). I'm running on Windows. I have also tried the web version, and neither one allowed me to see an "invite" button. Please help!
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