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  1. I've been following a GTD-style approach in Evernote and the new web UI is a disaster for me. Here's a detailed critique why, in hopes that the UI designers pay attention. I use the web UI at work on my Linux workstation, while at home I use the Mac OSX app. What I need to do in Evernote is: 1. Whenever I finish a task, I want to see my whole list of "next action" items so I can very quickly choose the next most appropriate one. This happens several times per day. 2. When I'm processing my inbox, I need to quickly and easily add new items to any of my dozen or so projects. This requires being able to quickly switch between projects. This happens about twice a day. 3. During weekly review, I want to see all the to-do items in a project at once, check priorities, adjust tags, set deadlines, etc. All of that requires being able to navigate quickly and see a lot of information. So. I have a 30 inch monitor, and on the new UI, open FULL SCREEN on my huge 2560 x 1600 monitor I see ... SEVEN notes. Seven, Bob. Four million pixels for Evernote, and I can see just seven notes, and nothing else. What. The. H. Are. You. Thinking. How is 7 notes on a 30 inch monitor ever a good idea? Instead of one-click access to everything, with the new UI, everything is hidden. This "simplicity" is NOT A GOOD THING. I have to click, wait for an animation, and then find the notebook or tag I want on the animated-out tray. This multi-step interaction with hidden controls is *far* less efficient. This is simply a fact and has been proven repeatedly in user studies. In the old web UI I can see all my tags, all my notebooks, 17 notes, PLUS reminders, and more than enough space for a huge note or clipped web page. I can see all that at once and move around efficiently with single clicks to instantly get the information I need. All that is gone in the new Web UI. The one great thing about the new UI is I'm not forced to use it. If I was, I would take the rest of the day off to switch to a new product. Even keeping everything in a single big Google Docs spreadsheet would be better than this.
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