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  1. Great work Robert! Thanks a lot! Worked here: windows 7, Evernote
  2. Same problem here, pasting as image from Onenote. Almost 5 years later =( For those suffering with this, there is a partial workaround, for pasting only text (loses formatting). I use an AutoHotKey script for this. Good thing is it works in any program, not only Evernote. Script below, extracted from this forum post. Autohotkey - http://autohotkey.com $^+v:: Sleep, 100 ClipSaved := ClipboardAll ;save original clipboard contents Clipboard = %clipboard% ;remove formatting Sleep, 100 Send ^v ;send the Ctrl+V command Sleep, 100 Clipboard := ClipSaved ;restore the original clipboard contents ClipSaved = ;clear the variable Return
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