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  1. Thanks for your quick responses. I downloaded Skitch and tried to use it on my iphone 6 plus. It works fine, but then when I save it and access it from my 'Inbox' notebook in Evernote, I can't seem to copy the diagram and paste where I want within a text note, or even simply add text underneath! Is it not possible? Do I have to MERGE them? ( I don't think I can merge notes on the iphone?)
  2. Hi guys, I'm starting university in February of next and I've just started using Evernote and love the program. I do have a few questions about taking notes during class lectures. A lot of times I need to DRAW simple diagrams (kinda like fishbone diagrams, or brainstorm clouds, or flow charts etc..) Does Evernote allow you to do that from within a note? I was hoping I can find some drawing tools (like those of Microsoft Word, for example).. If not, what is the best way (other than using Paint and taking a screenshot etc..) Thanks guys.
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