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  1. Thanks for your quick responses. I downloaded Skitch and tried to use it on my iphone 6 plus. It works fine, but then when I save it and access it from my 'Inbox' notebook in Evernote, I can't seem to copy the diagram and paste where I want within a text note, or even simply add text underneath! Is it not possible? Do I have to MERGE them? ( I don't think I can merge notes on the iphone?)
  2. I totally agree with ideasworthsharing. I don't want to have to move out of evernote to use a third party app. We need diagram tools, right next to all the formatting tools..
  3. Hi guys, I'm starting university in February of next and I've just started using Evernote and love the program. I do have a few questions about taking notes during class lectures. A lot of times I need to DRAW simple diagrams (kinda like fishbone diagrams, or brainstorm clouds, or flow charts etc..) Does Evernote allow you to do that from within a note? I was hoping I can find some drawing tools (like those of Microsoft Word, for example).. If not, what is the best way (other than using Paint and taking a screenshot etc..) Thanks guys.
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