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  1. Thanks. Yes, everything synched, all other content visible, image is 443KB, T3 internet line at work - download time is not the issue. And offline viewing is also not the issue - any image that I cut & pasted into a note is never viewable on mobile, even when connected to the T3 line. (PS: offline searchable notebooks are not available in the free evernote version.) It is what it is, I guess. Thanks though for taking the time to respond.
  2. In the Web version of evernote, sometimes I copy & paste an image into a text note (MacBook pro, firefox, all latest versions). I can see the image fine in the Web version of the note. But whenever I try to view the same note on mobile (android latest version), I can't ever get the image to load. Is there a way around this? Ps, I'm using the free version of evernote. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! But too much typing for a function I use all the time. Decided to switch back to old evernote.
  4. Any idea how to search tags within a notebook in the new evernote? The search button no longer has the option to search terms as tags or as general text. You can still find the relevant tag from the list of all tags, but there's no way to limit that to a particular notebook. Also, anyone know if you can delete a note within the note's full-screen view? It looks like you can only delete a note by hovering the cursor over the note's minimize view (that is, before expanding it in full-screen view). Many thanks!
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