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  1. I'm still having this issue. Has anyone found a solution? (Also a PC on Win10)
  2. Just going to bump this topic with some additional input. I have also had issues with the autosearch. When I start typing ("$b" to get to my tag for "$Biz Utilities"), then press Enter when the desired tag appears to be selected, EN actually creates a brand new tag "$b". I've done this several times, with several tags, to confirm the behavior. Oddly, it doesn't happen every time, and the erratic nature of it only makes it that much worse. I don't want a hard lock on the tags, but would love to be able to turn on confirmations. Yes, it is probably best as an option, since many are accustomed to adding tags on the fly with no confirmation. This one extra step would give me a chance to realize that EN hasn't, in fact, selected my existing tag. EDIT: Just a quick addition. I have also noticed that about 20% of the time, when I start typing a tag and click on a selection from the resulting list, EN goes ahead and creates a new tag from what I typed. This has happened twice in the last 5 minutes ("$b" for "$Biz Utilitites" and "cl" for "Clients"). Thus, even the mousing method isn't foolproof, and leaves me with much cleanup after some inbox clearing sessions.
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