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  1. I also have a ticket number to share in which the problem is described as well as it refers to this post: #1055346 Seth from the support team is about to submit it to the developers and was not able to find the bug in their bug-report system. Maybe it got lost! Let's see if we have more luck this time. I'm positive on that!
  2. aarh, that's a pity. Thanks for trying out! Would you mind asking Jason who contacted you earlier? I'm sure that will be faster and easier than opening a whole new ticket with anyone. Do you use any other workaround at the moment?
  3. Has this been resolved? I'm looking for a new solution as with the latest update I cannot script the "move to notebook: done" via the menubar as it always opens up the new notebook search window now. I have a workaround right now, but it feels to slow (keyboard maestro opens that search dialog and types in the name + return...)
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