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  1. The beta UI sucks... It's making me less productive. It's super UNintuitive to use. A couple scenarios: 1. Creating a new note in the desired notebook. I cannot really tell which notebook I am creating my new note in since the entire note fills up the screen, and you have to hover above top left corner to see notebook information. Why do I have to hit "done" when I create a note? 2. It's useful to have easy access to other notes in the notebook while I am editing a note. The tendency to fill up the entire screen when editing one note limits my access to other notes. Sometimes I am able to have other notes show up on the left column, but other times I can't seem to get it to show up. The inconsistency makes it difficult to get the hang of the new UI. 3. Even simple editing tools are hidden, and only appears when you hover over it. The icons look nice and uniform, but it's not as easy to guess what each does. You are forcing your users to relearn the icons again.
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