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  1. As a Evernote user, I strongly suggest Evernote team to add the "mark as processed" tool to Evernote Web Clipper: Problem: When doing deep searches on the web on a subject, or verifying for updates on a subject, we get numerous pages quoting the exact same text. We need to read the full content of these pages to see if there is new information for us. Most of time there is no new information. What a waste of time!!!! I would be willing to pay 50$/year in extra of my premium membership to get a solution to that problem. The solution is simple. Here is a use case: User reads a web page found by google or otherwise. User analyzes all information on that page (including recent news and posts). User then clicks on a "mark as processed" icon in the search bar. From that point, every time that the user opens a web page, he knows at-a-glance what is the text that is important for him. The user is happy and happier on every page that he opens, because his search is going faster and faster. Here is some technical hints about the mechanics that the web browser extension would have to do: When the user clicks on the "mark as processed" icon, Evernote grabs all text blocs on the page that are longer than 50 characters and puts them in a database (It does not grab the URL). From that point, when displaying any page, the browser extension compares the page's text with all previously flagged text and it greys-out all sentences (longer than 50 characters) that it find in the database. The greyed-out text is magically what he wants to avoid re-reading and re-reading again. Users, please give your thoughts here. Evernote team, please let me know if you don't plan to include that tool soon. In that case I will hire someone to create that tool as a google extension, and I will sell it. Sébastien
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