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  1. Ok so I have discovered what the issue is: It relates to the Android Battery Optimisation settings on the Pixel 2. If I switch off battery optimisation for Evernote then the widget operates correctly, even if I force quit the app, the shortcuts work and will open the app again. This is clearly a bug, since (with battery optimisation on and app completely closed) you can still open Evernote with the New Note buttons, you just cannot access a shortcut. I don't know if the Battery Optimisation settings are unique to the Pixel 2 since it's my first android device. Are these options on your device Dave? Cheers.
  2. Yeh, I've already done this. Synced notes, removed app cache and data, removed widgets, uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, added widgets again - same issue. It's very strange.
  3. No, switching the widget to 'Recently Viewed' has the same result. If evernote hasn't been opened in a while (or I force close it) then I cannot click on the shortcuts.
  4. Is nobody else having a problem with widgets? I have recorded a video of the issue - can anyone else replicate?
  5. I have a Pixel 2 running Android 8.1.0 and Evernote 7.17.1. I have put a widget on my homescreen which shows my shortcuts. The idea is I can click at any time onto a shortcut link and go to that note. The problem is that when I tap on the link most of the time, nothing happens. If I tap on the settings cog or hit a button to create a new note then Evernote will open and perform the action. Only after I have done this will the shortcut links work again back on the homescreen. It appears the buttons only work if Evernote is open in the background. This is annoying since it defeats the purpose of having a widget with fast direct access to a shortcut or note. Can anyone else see this behaviour? Thanks.
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