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  1. Like many of the users who have already posted, I occasionally discover a giant note which consists of the original note, and several copies of the entire note appended to the bottom of the original note, each separated by a "Conflicting Modification" and a date and time stamp. One note I discovered today had seven copies of the entire note; six of them had an identical date and time stamp. So far, the posts by Evernote people (BurgersNFries, Jackolicious) have been remarkably unhelpful: "you should have a new notebook ..." "submit a support ticket (see my sig.) ?? I checked the Knowledge Base, and searched for "conflicting modification" and got one hit: Edit anywayNote: This feature is currently available on Evernote for Windows and Evernote for Mac If the option is available, and you choose to select “Edit anyway," Evernote creates a duplicate note with any edits made. This duplicate note is automatically saved to a notebook named “Conflicting Changes...” along with a unique timestamp. Users are responsible for determining which changes they would like to keep or discard. Nothing about conflicting modifications, added automatically and with no notice, by Evernote, to the original note. So, would someone who has looked into this (and someone has to have looked into it, people have been complaining about it for years), someone who works for Evernote, please lay out the problem and the solution? I have spent months (and I'm still not done) converting my notes and tasks from Toodle Do to Evernote, but this surprise note proliferation is approaching unacceptable. I so do not want to migrate all this date yet again to another note & task platform. Please tell me 1) why it happens, 2) how to prevent it, 3) how to tell which note is the most current, and/or inclusive, so I can delete the rest, and 4) why doesn't my version of Evernote create this new notebook which contains the conflicting note? Thanks in advance, Maurice
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