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  1. The real fact is that they are PUSHING this "alpha" on everyone... every time you log into the web app. If they didn't bug me about it, I wouldn't keep trying it out... lol.
  2. It's weird to me that they're designing this interface like screens are getting smaller or lower resolution... SCREENS ARE BIGGER and CHEAPER -- I don't mind having my notebooks and notes on the left... because I have more than half of a huge screen to view the note on the right side.
  3. You're welcome to vote with your comments, but face it; the web beta is already known to be lacking features that they will be adding back in as soon as they can. Safe bet that they already have their own priorities set for release, and it seems unlikely to me that user "voting" will change them, much, if at all. Once they deem the new web client complete enough to call it a "release", then user voting might be more influential. This is a web BETA, not a freakin ALPHA or pre-Alpha... It should have all the features they expect to release and be testing for bugs, missing features, and finding opportunities to add new features. A beta for an updated UI should not mean, "half of the original product". Additionally, it shouldn't pop up for EVERYONE if it is so limited. Peoples' concerns are founded in my opinion, especially considering the vagueness of the "PIN" you love to point at. If they listed all the features they were working on and bugs they were aware of, then I'd agree saying - "Look at the pin", like you seem to love to do.
  4. The Evernote Web Beta has NO alt text for any icons. This is so freakin weird because in a web app like Evernote, almost everything just looks like paper or a book - Notes, Notebooks,Tags, Adding a new notebook... Then there is the favorite, share, delete icons... and then within notes, you have the bullet points, numbering, intents, etc... Just put alt text! Even as a normal user, these icons are annoying... I can't imagine how annoying that would be for a brand new user
  5. I can't move notebooks around either... In the old version, you could move them just by dragging.
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