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  1. If I may, why in the next couple months? So many other apps had day one support for it. Microsoft Office, Drafts, Textilus, Notability, Omnifocus.... All these already have multitasking support. So, why in the next couple months? (P.S. Any chance of multitasking support for Penultimate too?)
  2. I have the latest version of Evernote on the iPad Mini that was released right before the current one. When I open Evernote, it will show it is syncing, but I am unable to tap anything. Even just letting it run over 10 minutes did not fix the issue. I deleted then re-downloaded Evernote on my iPad, and it repeated the issue after the initial sync. I think this may be a bug in Evernote for iPad.
  3. I'll be honest, I really love the new update for Penultimate. It makes me enjoy using it again. There is no sarcasm in the sentence, I truly love the update to the app. The issues people are describing, I have not encountered, and I use the app daily for design and sketching. My only issue is with the Evernote JotScript. On the newest iPad Mini, it barely works. It used to work great, but as I kept using it, the usability of the pen went down drastically. I think this is a problem with the pen though, not with the app. Good thing fingers work great.
  4. App is already at 5.7.2, yet the Mac App Store is still at 5.5.1... *sigh*
  5. I am starting to think the Mac App Store users have been abandoned. The last update was in April of 2014 at version 5.5.1, while people who use the web version have 5.7. What is the reasoning for this? Why is it that other apps release their updates at the same time, while Evernote does not? What is the reasoning for this? Will the Mac App Store version ever be updated again? Or is focus now on the web version?
  6. I remember that in the conference this year, a new version of Penultimate was announced. Any estimation as to when we can see this? Since iOS 8, Penultimate has become so buggy, it is almost unusable. Since a new version is announced, I assume that is the one that will fix the bugs. Any idea as to when we can see it? (This year, hopefully...) Thanks.
  7. Yay! Glad to hear it! But when do the Mac App Store users get the 5.6 update? Still hasn't been released on the Mac App Store...
  8. So any idea as to when this update will be on the Mac App Store? I want to use it.
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