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  1. Yes I have examples, but I have opened a support ticket on this and the problem has already been replicated at your end.
  2. I have been in discussion with your support team and received the following response today: "I was able to duplicate this exactly as you described it. I believe this is a bug and I reported it to our product team for further review. I can't be certain when the issue will be resolved. If you would like, I can notify you when your issue has been fixed and scheduled for release." So it looks like something is happening to resolve the matter.
  3. Thank you for your response. The notes appear perfectly using the EN web client. I have installed EN Mac 5.6.1, but formatting is still no better.
  4. I have tens of thousands of notes in Evernote. They are all formatted to have a space (or empty line) between paragraphs. Documents viewed on my iPad are still spaced correctly. And they were always spaced correctly on the Mac version of Evernote. But since updating to Evernote 5.6, which seemed to update the entire database, all the paragraphs now run together. In other words the line space between paragraphs has been lost. I cannot find a command to change the spacing, but it all looks a real mess now, like a bad nightmare, and I would like to restore the spacing I had before. How do I do this? Please someone advise.
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