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  1. It's so unfortunate that a debuted version of the web product doesn't include some of THE most useful features of the entire program. I've opted back to the previous version--and I'll be hard pressed to "upgrade" in the future unless there is demonstrable proof that stacks DO work! I'm disappointed, Evernote. I really could have waited for a version that was complete, rather than being told Evernote is all new when in reality it's only partially new -- and partially working compared to its former capacities. Beta or no beta, I expect it to be at least fully functional at the previous level before "upgrades" even enter the picture.
  2. I'm with many other users: Please bring back stacks as soon as possible! I know betas take time (I've been involved with others, too), but I live by stacks ... and not being able to use them is wreaking my nicely organized Evernote ... Thanks!
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