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  1. I gave up. Anticipating the change being permanent (based on how Evernote is positioning themselves), I've been straddling Evernote and OneNote. Some of my notes were duplicated (new to both in the last couple of months) and I just finished putting the rest of them in OneNote. (Although with Microsoft's history I'll probably hate the next version. On the upside, I'm already used to dealing with their "improvements.") I'm just thankful I didn't have many notes. I wish the best of luck to those who stick it out. Sorry, Evernote, I really wanted you to be the one.
  2. I strongly dislike the new layout. (1) I want to see all my notebooks at all times [unless the stack is collapsed] along with tags. Sure I have a lot of both but it's extremely easy to scroll to see things. Let people collapse if they want but give the choice. (2) When I change the notebook at the top of a note, I want my notebooks to appear in the order they are in the nested list NOT alphabetic. The content of stacks are interspersed throughout the other notebooks and I can't find anything. (3) There is way too much wasted space. Allow me the option to see all the columns I want to see and those who like the minimalistic approach to keep it. I am one who hates to click and click and click for things. With this new layout I'm constantly clicking and it reduces my productivity. At least give the option of permanently keeping the old layout.
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