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  1. Yup. The problem persists even if I do a manual sync (command + s + ^)
  2. Hello fellas. I have problems with getting my passcode lock to work on my Evernote app. It happens from time to time that it stops to work and let me into the app without putting in my passcode lock code or use my touch id. I have an iPhone 6 with the latest version of iOS (8.0.1).
  3. I lowered my sync intervall to the lowest setting (5 minutes) but still I end up with conflicts with documents. Example. 1. I have Evernote on my computer. I do some changes to a document (in my case it's my TO DO-list), save it and the I press sync. 2. I go into my Evernote app on my iphone and and press the sync button but my saves from my computer doesn't show up Is there any solution for my problem?
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