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  1. how is not having the ability to do links, a very standard, simple functionality in ALL OTHER VERSIONS OF EVERNOTE, not being available here, NOT an actual problem to talk about, @gazumped ?? why has evernote now made it so i can only get non-answers like that in these un-useful forums and have hidden away their support e-mails from all but paying subscribers? you find that and your response even remotely reasonable? i, obviously, DO NOT. knock off your ridiculously presumptuous, condescending and pejorative tone and get me in touch WITH ACTUAL EVERNOTE SUPPORT PEOPLE.
  2. i just was typing an hour and half's worth of important business notes only to have evernote web totally act like i never logged in (i had) and LOSE THE ENTIRE NOTES I WAS PLANNING TO POST TO THE WEB SITE FOR ALL TO USE. this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE in trying to use your fercacta tool so i can give information to others in my business. ARRRGGGGHHH!!! WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY?!!! why are there absolutely NO support contacts e-mails for me to e-mail for help with this other than these STUPID community forums which will give me a bunch of non-answers and try and blame me for this LOSS OF TIME AND RESOURCES USING YOUR STUPID PRODUCT!!! give me REAL help and GIVE IT NOW!! QUIT DODGING YOUR RESPONSIBILITY EVERNOTE!! ANSWER ME!!
  3. @jefito - yes, read that. says nothing about the feature i am requesting - ability to do url web links in text, as we were before. how about it this feature request is passed along to development, rather than continuing to tell me "it's in beta"? i know it's in beta, it's why i'm making the request. also @gazumped - if forum is third party software, not evernote, that is telling. should be an eat-your-own-dogfood situation, best, -- faddah wolf portland, oregon, u.s.a.
  4. @gazumped - well, ok. but rather than moving backwards, i'd prefer this feature request be honored and this simple feature be re-added. after all, i can do it right here in the forums. see the forum link button above the comment field. ^^^^ best, -- faddah wolf portland, oregon, u.s.a.
  5. hello, i am using the evernote web beta mostly on an acer C720P chrome book, in the chrome web browser, naturally, this version of chrome - Version 37.0.2062.120 (64-bit)Platform 5978.98.1 (Official Build) stable-channel peppyFirmware Google_Peppy.4389.86.0 i really am enjoying the new interface and how nice it is to use via a web browser - may make me even give up ever using the iOS iPad & iPhone evernote apps. however... please, please, please - i am begging you here, really, please add back in the feature to do url web links in notes. it is killing me currently not to be able to do that through the beta web interface. i have searched and searched all over the interface and can find no feature to do this where it used to be simply hitting the "link" button before to add a url web link in to some text. this especially hurts in creating articles i am going to port over to wordpress for blog/article posts. would you please add this back in? by the way, i would have made this a support e-mail instead of a forum post, but i apparently cannot e-mail evernote support through the web interface unless i have a premium membership - something i can readily do from my iOS apps. so, uh, yeah - please add that functionality back in also. you know, a url web link. like this one -->> evernote. yes, i can do it here in your forums, but not in the new evernote web beta interface. really hurting me here not to have that fucntionality. please add it back in. thank you. best -- faddah wolf portland, oregon, u.s.a.
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