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  1. I just fired up Evernote after almost 2 years of inactivity. I just got a Samsung Tablet S3 and I love the pen. I would consider upgrading to Premium if Evernote supported the s-pen using the Samsung Android SDK. This would reduce the lag greatly and probably offer more features. http://developer.samsung.com/galaxy/pen
  2. It took me a long time across two separate attempt sessions to submit a bug about the Android app upgrade process. When I finally got into the right track on evernote.com, I was presented with German options. (See attached.) I'm in the US and I don't speak German. The real tragedy is that all my frustration began when I tried to send you guys money. However, this became really funny once I stepped back and pretended that someone was telling me a story about this experience.
  3. Hi. I almost upgraded to "premium" the other day to get Skitch for free. But none of the calls-to-action in the Android app did anything, so I just ended up buying Skitch separately. Also, it's really hard to submit bug reports. Is this really the best route? Thanks!
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