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  1. I've rebooted the computer or reinstall the software, but it doesn't help. Now I noticed that the client has pulled 179 notes from server, then failed again. If I force to sync, I continue to receive this: 13:33:55 [1896] 53% Submitting a batch of 31 note calls, size=5.0MB13:34:10 [1896] 53% No more data to read.13:34:11 [6344] Client synchronization finished, status: failed13:34:11 [6344] * 81 items received13:34:11 [6344] * elapsed time: 1m 43s 13:38:09 [1924] 53% No more data to read.13:38:10 [3196] Client synchronization finished, status: failed13:38:10 [3196] * 81 items received13:38:10 [3196] * elapsed time: 2m 46s but actually, no more notes are synced.
  2. recently I failed to sync on one of my clients after updating to the latest version, the operating system is win8. I've tried many ways, even uninstalled the software, and cleaned up the database directory. still encounter the same problem. The log since I re-install the software is attached, by far I can only pull down 5 notes from the server. Evernote_5.7.2.5753_20141211.log.txt
  3. Yeah, that's why I'd export it to .enex and look at it in a text editor. I see the reason the words in the note has chinese words and punctuation: "相关工作:Flip-N-Write" in the exported .enex, which I open in a text editor, it turn to be "/></div><div>鐩稿叧宸ヤ綔锛欶lip-N-Write" the 'f' is lost. so this may be related to the encoding of chinese words
  4. well, it's really wired if I type flip in the line, it cannot be found; but if I type it in another line, it can be searched.
  5. yes, it can be founded
  6. maybe it's a rare case, and I found it quite coincidently
  7. btw, the search engine for the web version works good.
  8. the vesion: Evernote (272632) Public I used the search bar to search all notes.
  9. I want to search notes contain word "flip". but there's one note, I know it has "flip", but the search engine just can't find it, even I type "flip flip flip ..." in that note.
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