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  1. Hi all, first post here and hope this is right forum (I did look and think I got it right - apologies if otherwise.) I run Evernote on a Windows PC, an Ipad Mini, and a Iphone 6+. The synch between the PC and the Ipad is fine. On Iphone I get a partial synch. So while I have 700+ notes, only about 15 seem to synch. They are not all in one folder (3 from my todo notebook, 1 from my general, 2 from a notebook I share with my wife, 3 from my hobby notebook, etc.) Seems like the problem would be on the IOS side, but I can't find any setting limiting the folders coming over. I have TONS of free space on the device, so that isn't it either. Any thoughts? Many thanks in advance.
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